Does Lupus Affect All Parts Of The Body? The Feet, Knee, And Hands. Swelling In All The Joints, And Unbearable Pain. Now Pain Is In The Back. A Bone Marrow Test , Would This Diagnosis Lupus?


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Lupus is an Autoimmune disease and it can affect any part of the body. However, it normally affects heart, joints, blood vessels, liver, kidneys, skin, and nervous system. There are a number of tests that are conducted for diagnosis of Lupus. These include:
- Antinuclear Antibody testing
- Anti-extractable nuclear antigen testing
- Complement system level tests
- Electrolytes and renal function testing
- Liver enzyme testing and in some cases
- Lupus erythematosus cell test

for details see the link below:
- Complete blood count.

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