Both Of My Big Toes Have Turned Black I Also Feel Pain In Back Of My Legs, Can You Help?


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The nail or the actual toe? The nail could mean a foot fungus like athletes foot and the actual toe means you have no circulation or very poor circulation. The pain in the back of your legs could be related if it has to do with circulation but its less likely its related if you have a foot fungus. You should see a dr. If its a circulation issue.
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See a doctor!
It could be a few things, depends on what you have been doing, frost bite if you have been in the cold for too long, gangreen if you have an infection or it could be bad circulation, either way my advice is to go and see a doctor!
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I have watch my big toenails on both my feet turned from a gray color to all most black , all so I have notice that the toenail is starting to lift of can you tell me what that is about please
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You have fungal infection, go to the doctor soon they can give you lamisil to clear this up. Try curing this yourself is a long process, the doctor should see you if you are also a diabetic.
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Well, it can be some injury in the past and it's after effect. If you've no pain then you should not worry because it is healing. But you should visit the doctor at least once and get your check up. So that you must be sure that you're completely healthy.
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Hi llong,

I think this could have been from an injury some months ago. You may lose the toenail. I suggest seeing your podiatrist as soon as possible to rule out any serious problems (like some type of fungus).
Please let me know how it goes.


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