How Can I Cure My Rehumatoid Arthritis? I Have Been Suffering From This Disease Since 1995. I Am 30 Years Old Young Male.


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Rheumatiod Athritis or RA as it is commonly called affects 2 million Americans alone.
It is a disease of the immune system, that if left untreated can cause disabilty. It manifests itself by pain, swelling and stiffness in the joints, often the knees are affected. The body's immune system mistakenly attacks healthy joints, and causes swelling and the resultant pain.
If you do not already have one, you need to be under the care of a Rheumatologist who is a specialist in this area, and can offer you some treatment options.
A treatment called humira, which you can find out more about at can relieve the symptoms and stop further joint damage.
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6 years ago my wife got RA. She's had a real hard time and is now on permanent disability. Now I have it! (We should have won the lottery instead). I did all kinds of research. There is absolutely no cure. You'll see ad such as "cure your Rheumatoid arthritis", "What you doctor doesn't know", buy this pill now and you'll be able to lift 10,000 lbs and if you buy in the next 5 minutes - we'll throw in the 20,000 lb lifting package free." These ads are for desperate people, from greedy cheating liars who make money off of them. There is no cure! If there was it would be front page news in every newspaper in the country as over 2,000,000 people in the US have it. But there is good news. Due to the billions of dollars spent on AIDS research (both AIDS & Rheumatoid Arthritis are immune system diseases) they are coming up with better and better medications, hopefully one that will work for you. Stick to a rheumatologist's plan, focus on doing whatever you can to get better. Good luck!
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I hope I don't sound like a quack or anything like that but in my local newspaper there is a column by Dr. Gott. He has noticed many people receive help from rubbing Castor oil on the afflicted area. Hey, it's worth a try.
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Just go to a good rehumatologist, or have methotraxate and omega 3 capsules. Omega 3 realy works a lot...
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If someone is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis,
it is sure that it's not only joints are affected but also the cause
several other health problems such as severe fatigue, fevers, weight
loss. Some other health issues often experienced by the sufferers are
shortness of breath, small skin lumps, damaged nerves, anaemia and
dry mouth.

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder.
When your immune system attacks the lining of the membrane
surrounding your joints (synovium), inflammation occurs.

Following are the home remedies for Rheumatoid
Arthritis -


-Willow Bark

-Black Pepper

-Green Tea



-Lab Grade Turmeric + Lab Grade Boswellia Serrata

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I don't have a cure, but I have heard of several people getting a great bit of relief from the pain and swelling by taking natural products.  The one I have heard most about is Original Li mu -apparently it has something called Fucoidan in it that is not in most other "natural" vitamins - it is not in any land based plants.  I found 2 websites for the product and a distributor's website - maybe this can help you.  I hope so.

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