Where Do Sores Appear On The Body When You Have Aids?


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This is very much a generalization. It is not a sure fire thing that if you are HIV positive or have AIDS that you will find sores on the body. In fact, there are many illnesses and diseases that can lead to these symptoms which are not linked to HIV and AIDS whatsoever. Although sores can be a result of being infected it is more likely that they are result of some other ailment.
Body sores can be of various types and it is important to assess your symptoms before beginning any treatment for body sores. Body sores may include blisters, cold sores, open wounds, bed sores, skin sores or weals, among others. The underlying causes of your body sores depend upon the nature of the sore. For instance, insect bites could lead to specific skin conditions like pediculosis and skin sores could result from specific skin infections like eczema or dermatitis.
Certain systemic medical disorders like leukemia, AIDS, diabetes and skin cancer could lead to blisters, sores or even skin ulcers. Infections like herpes and chicken pox could also lead to the formation of sores and blisters. It is therefore essential that you evaluate your symptoms and consult your medical practitioner about the underlying cause of your body sores. There are several home remedies for treating body sores but you should first ascertain the kind of body sore for which you require treatment.
AIDS sufferers are usually more prone to mouth sores, cold sores or canker sores, but again this is a very vague diagnosis and if you feel you have any reason to be concerned it is imperative that you seek medical advice as soon as possible.
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Well if you have HIV your immunity is not very good probably.  So it is like you are diabetic.  If you get hurt you can get sores, and it will be harder and take longer for them to heal.  You may also have bad circulation and bruise a lot easier where the bruises will also take longer and be harder to heal.  I would ask your doctor, he/she can tell you more.  Depending on the sore and where it is located.  Most sores are caused by something.  If it is cold sores, or herpes they can be found anywhere, or warts.  If you have or get an std you definitely need to be seen and treated and make sure you or whoever is on medication for the HIV also.  Good luck.  I would say for whoever to get the best advice would be to see their doctor.
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Do you get white blisters if you have hiv can you get them

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