How Do You Know You Have Hiv/aids?


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The only way to know if you have HIV/Aids is to do a blood test, but I can tell you some of the symptoms.  If you repeatedly suffers from very bad diarrhea and Pneumonia, meaning that you often land up in hospital for the same thing then its a good sign.  Also you will find that you have sores (blisters) in your mouth.  Now don't go on this because some people do get diarrhea and Pneumonia often and they don't have HIV/Aids.  The only way to know as I already said is to go and do a blood test.
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If you are worried about it, just pop into your local health clinic and request a blood test for HIV. They will of course ask for your reasons but they will do it.

This is the only way to be absolutely positive. Symptoms of HIV can be found everywhere on the internet, but I personally would advise not to go along with what each site says. For example, if you have enlarged glands, this is a symptom, but this is also a symptom for a cold or any type of infection. So, best thing to do is get yourself a blood test. This is my opinion.
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If someone get tested a few years ago and tested negative is there a chance of them have a few years later
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I have had hiv for 15yrs I'm now just getting pneumonia does that mean I have aids now
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Before you jump to conclusions...Are you on a therapy for your HIV/ This shouls keep the viral lad down. Have another blood test.

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