Am Having Pain On The Right Side Under My Breast Near My Ribs?


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It could be your gall bladder (gallstones), or a pinched nerve in you back (believe it or not) because I experienced the same pain and my Dr. Thought it could be gallstones but I didn't have some of the other symptoms that usually accompany it like upset stomach, the pain worsening when I ate greasy foods like french fries etc. I had a ultrasound done and it came back good. My neurologist had an MRI of my back done and it turns out I have compression of my discs which many times pinches the nerve and the pain radiates (and feels like its) right under my right under my breast by my ribs. It happens if I sit for too long or stand to long. You should get it checked out if it continues. I hope this helps.
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I'm also having pain but it a hot spot below my breast ,,,can you answer this for me ,,,it's also near a rib
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Could be heartburn

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