Is Poor Appetite And Digestion A Liver Disease Symptom?


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When the liver stops functioning properly a person may end up in having a bad appetite and poor digestion. Reason being the liver stops converting the old blood in to bile and this may affect the whole digestive system.

Thus people end up in having a poor appetite, do not feel like eating and can not even digest any food. This is one of the reasons why liver diseases result in excess weight reduction in a person. If there is poor metabolism of fat, carbohydrates and proteins it will make things more complicated for the patient.

Along with disease in the liver cells of a person, known as hepatocytes, anemia will result if there is improper nutrition taken due to loss of appetite. The patient will even vomit; feel nauseated and even diarrhea may occur. Even blood exists some times in the vomit, especially if the patient has gastric ulcer.

All this is caused mainly because of a composite contact of histamine, nitrogen, bile acids, gastrin, portal hypertension and an altered mucous membrane lining of the stomach causing the person to loose the appetite and thus resulting in excess weight loss.
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