I am a type 2 diabetic; have been since I was 18, and now I'm 26. I have lately been experiencing a loss of feeling in my feet other than a diabetic cause. Why else would I experience loss of feeling in both feet? I'm very scared right now.


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This is mostly a diabetic thing. Sorry, having diabetes  causes the circulation to be lower than it should because your heart has to work harder. Maybe it could be low potassium and you might want to eat a banana ( high high potassium) however it is most likely the diabetes. You either need to eat sugar or you have eaten too much today!  But that really depends on what you have eaten! If you have not eaten enough sugar then just go eat a banana! That will also help with the potassium! Haha:) I hope you feel better and are not as scared now! My mother has diabetes:(
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You could have Neuropathy. It basically means the nerve endings in your feet are going bad.  It is caused , most often by the diabetes.  Go to a Dr and explain your symptoms. There is medication to help with it.  Do NOT put the visit off, it can get really seriuos.    Good Luck.
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Firstly , you should check whether your diabetes is under control. High sugars is the main reason for this complaint of yours.

Secondly, it is better to confirm whether you are type2 , type1 or LADA group.

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