Life Expectancy For Stage 4 Breast Cancer When It Has Spread To The Brain.?


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It has been 5 1/2 months since the discovery of the brain tumor metastasizing from the breast to the lymph-nodes.  I have since been thru surgery, radiation, and now in the middle of Chemo again.  (I went thru all this with the breast cancer in 2008, not knowing to prepare myself for this to come back only in a new area of my body,)  My question is how much longer, statically, in general, do I have to "get my affairs in order'.  Any comments, information, or other advise would of great help.
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Yikes, not much time left seeing as it has spread too far, no one can tell for sure what expectancy only can speculate.  Doctors often give guesses, cause miracles do happen  Stephen Hawkins at age 13 was given just a few years to live, he is now in his sixties and still going strong

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