Can Someone Who Is Bipolar Only Have Manic Episodes And Never Really Be Depressive?


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I am very manic - but over the years the mania has developed into aggressive, angry behavior towards myself. Which leads to suicidal thoughts daily yet I would not call me depressed - the manic behaviors hurt and physically the manic robs my body. When the Mania is at a time high - I used to love it and was charming funny I am at times purely unable to live life. I would urge the manic person to start eating very healthy, surround themselves with one person they trust with everything and begin to develop a safety plan for suicide attempts, spending sprees, sexual acting out, whatever manic behavior they may have. My experience is it took a long time to accept the disorder and it took longer for a dr to diagnose it because I did not want to take medicine. Several Psych wards later and one decent suicide attempt (others were small failures) I am still battling.
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Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. I know that so many people with this disorder either refuse to acknowledge it or refuse to take the meds because they don't like how they make them feel. I wish my ex husband would at least be willing to talk to a dr about it. He is no longer even allowed to see our children unsupervised because of his outbursts.
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My daughter has this condition, and she seldom, if ever gets depressed. So, clinically, I wonder if there should be another name for it. I bet your husband also suffers with a little ocd, obsessive compulsive disorder, as my husband is very much like this. Sure hope this helps you out.
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Yes. My son-in-law is bipolar and does not have bad boughs of depression though he does have some cases of it, it's not near as bad as my wife's clinical depression symptoms.
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From what I have read  BPD happens in
cycles shifting from mania TO depression.
I agree with tiggersmom on the OCD thing.
You should talk to the doctor.

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