How Long Can You Live With Stomach Cancer In The 4th Stage?


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I,m so sorry to hear you recieved this new I,m no docter but I think it would be a good idea to go online and theres websites were you can talk live to nurses and docters as well.good luck to you pray a lot .hang in there anything can happen
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Misbah Ahmed answered
Probably about 3 months, because the survival rate of people with stage 4 stomach cancer is just 7%
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My mother was just diagnosed this week with stage 4 stomach cancer, this is a very shaky place to be. I'm assuming that they can't remove your stomach at this point and that it has spread to other areas in your body. A lot of people suggest lots of fruits and vegies, perhaps smoothies if you arent eating well, and vitamin c drops and other things to boost your immune system, You should take one day at a time, what I have heard is that, you don't have to die in a couple weeks or days, research what others who have prolonged their lives at this point are doing. I tell my mom it is the quality of life now not quantity, but, on the bright side there are thousands of stories about people who quit smoking, quit eating red meat, got more sleep, cut the stress out of their lives and are somehow still alive. I think statistically like 6% of persons like you and my mom make it 5 years....research this, find out what those 6% are doing and try it. Bless you and may you find the answers your looking for.

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