Can I Feel My Liver If It Is Swollen?


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At first you may not even know you have anything wrong at

all. The liver can have inflammation and you could be

walking around not even knowing it. Usually, the liver

doesn't start to show signs and symptoms until it's

function is impaired or is damaged.

Then you may notice the whites of your eyes, skin, and

mucus membranes will turn yellow (jaundice)

You may see spider like veins appear on your neck,

chest area and you could bruise easily.

Your hands and feet may appear red and the skin may

start to peal off.

You may become extremely itchy because of the toxins

in your body that the liver is no longer able to get rid of.

You may not be able to think clearly, become easily

confused, and be extremely tired. Toxins cross the

blood brain barrier of the brain and cause this.

Your muscles may start to get smaller, cause your liver

isn't able to make the protein it once did and your body

uses other protein the body already has.

You may develop fluid in the abdominal area that makes

you look like you are pregnant. If you develop this,

it may have to be drained by the doctor and will once

again reappear. You may have difficulty breathing

You will also develop fluid in your legs and feet and

may have to wear larger size shoes.

You may bruise and bleed very easily since the liver

isn't able to make the factors to help the blood to clot.

These are all signs and symptoms of cirrhosis,

which is death of the liver cells. If you just have

some swelling in the abdomen, it may be the liver

has inflammation and can be treated and healed before

the cells die.

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