Do they still go through your belly button to remove your gall bladder?


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Janey answered
No, it's usually done above the belly button in the abdomen via keyhole surgery.
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Karen answered
One cut in the middle slightly lower than the breasts...but after the swelling goes away, the cut is about 4 finger widths below the center of your breasts, two small cuts on YOUR right side which are merely discoloration marks and then YES, they go straight though the good ole belly button.  The key thing is when you come home from your surgery...Read your instructions for post care. I did NOT. The next morning I removed the clear surgical tape holding my wounds together...about 4 of them. It healed nicely but I think the scars would be smaller had I left them on. Also do NOT take a bath. Take only showers. I waited 3 days before I got near water.

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