What Does A Rash With Meningitis Look Like?


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A rash with meningitis will be very similar to normal rashes; a deep red colour that is easily irritated. However, you can test the rash to see if it is a sign of meningitis by doing something called a ‘glass test’. All you need to do is get a clear glass and press it against the rash causing pressure to be directly on the rash. You will then need to look very carefully to see if the rash fades when it is under the glass. If it doesn’t, then it is very likely that it could be a rash with meningitis and you will need to seek medical help immediately.

It is very important to test the affected area of the skin as soon as possible if it is not getting any better, and if the patient is getting worse. Someone can be generally ill and have a rash with symptoms that are very similar to meningitis, so it is best to test as soon as you have any concerns. It is also a good idea to do this routine to put your mind at ease if you are worrying about a young child or family member. You don’t want to regret not doing the test and just waiting for the doctors to diagnose the condition when it may be too late.

You should always test a rash that is a very dark colour of red, as this means that it is a serious medical condition anyway as it will cause pain and be irritable. An easy test to do at home, the ‘glass test’, could determine whether you just take someone to the doctors for some rash cream, or whether you go directly to the hospital and have the condition taken care of before it becomes life threatening.
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Well, as far as I know the meningitis rash is deep red or deep pink in color and is accompanied by the symptoms you have explained above. I would suggest consult some other doctor as soon as possible. Here is a link for images of Meningitis rash:

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