What Does A Rash From Lupus Look Like? Where Does It Appear?


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Rashes from lupus can be in other places on your body, not just your face. The butterfly rash on the face is one. I was diagnosed with discoid lupus (skin only lupus) and the rash was on my scalp (I lost some clumps of hair also), went down to the back of my neck like a band, all the way around to under my ears, and in my ears and stopped there. The lesions were red scaly and they "weeped" a clear fluid and turned flaky as they dried up. I keep any "flares" of lupus under control with staying out of the sun, and a med called plaquinel. The dermatologist took a small layer of skin from one of the lesions behind my ear to diagnose my lupus. You should have a dr. Look at any rash you have that lasts longer than a couple days. Good Luck to you.

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