My Whole Body Hurts All The Time ,I Can Not Sleep , Could This Be Fibromyalgia?


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What kind of pain are you experiencing ? It very well could be Fibro but one thing that puzzles me is Fibro usually makes people tired. Are you not able to sleep because of restless legs or can you just not sleep due to pain or insomnia ?
Fibro will mess up your sleep pattern and many times Ambien is prescribed for this.  Have you been tested for Lyme disease ?? A LOT more people than you think have lyme. I was diagnosed with Lyme after many years of horrible pain , memory loss , brain fog and vertigo, which lead to serous depression. It was during a really stressful time in my life , I didn't have time to be sick , but it literally brought me to my knees .....let me know if you have had any tests ?

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